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We’re committed to continuously improving our Credit Union; and are excited for what the future holds.

In January 2017 we announced that our Credit Union would be undergoing a core banking system upgrade. This comes as we strive to create a superior online experience for our members. As part of the upgrade, we would like to advise you that, after much consideration, Western City Credit Union will consolidate into Illawarra Credit Union in the second half of 2017.

Consolidating Western City Credit Union into Illawarra Credit Union and creating a unified brand will reduce costs and complexity. It will also allow us to reinvest our resources into providing you with better products and services to suit your needs, which will directly benefit you.

Consolidating Western City Credit Union and creating a unified brand will have a number of benefits including:

More features

New features and functionality in internet banking, plus we’re launching a new mobile banking app.

Greater compatibility

Compatibility with Xero, which will make it easier for our business members to manage daily finances.

Manage your banking

Pin change and card activation ability via internet banking.

Improved experience

Improvements to loan applications, allowing you to apply for a loan anywhere, anytime.

Open accounts

Opening transaction and savings accounts via internet banking.

Greater security

Our digital banking services will maintain optimal security.

We’ve put together some of our popular FAQs below:

The decision to consolidate Western City Credit Union was not one made in a hurry; it took careful planning and research. Many of our members are telling us they want improved products and services and they want them sooner rather than later.

With the upgrade of our core banking platform currently underway, we believe that now is the right time to make this change for the benefit of our members and the future of the organisation. Creating a unified brand will allow us to invest our resources into the one brand and reinvest into delivering improvements across our products and service channels.

We are committed to our members and ensuring the success of our Credit Union. Consolidating the two brands will enable us to simplify processes to benefit you, our members.

You will become an Illawarra Credit Union member in the second half of 2017. Stay tuned for further details and updates, as we will be communicating with you regularly about the changes over the next few months.
Yes, your existing Visa Debit or rediCARD and cheque book will remain active and valid until your card expires or your cheque book runs out. At that point, you will receive an updated card or cheque book branded ‘Illawarra Credit Union’.
It’s not required as yet. Any payments that are coming into your account and reference the Western City Credit Union BSB will process as normal. The Western City Credit Union BSB number will remain valid for a period after you transition over to Illawarra Credit Union.
Yes, we are still working on updating our banking platform to improve your banking experience. To learn more about the Core Banking Transformation visit

The consolidation of Western City Credit Union into Illawarra Credit Union will improve the way you bank with us! Everything you’re used to receiving from us will look the same, but where you’re used to seeing the Western City logo, you’ll see the Illawarra Credit Union logo instead.

Our internet banking platform is getting an update as part of our digital transformation. The new internet banking will launch the same day you switch over to Illawarra Credit Union.

As an Illawarra Credit Union member, you’ll also have access to our great mobile banking app, moneytree, which lets you do your banking anywhere, anytime. You can check your account balance, make a payment, or transfer money on the go. You can also navigate our products and services, set a savings goal and get branch and ATM locations!

Paying for the everyday will also be made easier with the ability to access Visa payWave, Android Pay and Apple Pay.

You’ll still have access to the Campbelltown branch to complete all your banking as you have been over the years. Plus, you’ll have access to four other branches located throughout the Illawarra region.

Yes, all our rates for our Illawarra Credit Union and Western City Credit Union are the same.
We need you to update your contact information. Our staff are working on everything else to ensure the transition is seamless. We’ll be in touch with you over the next few months to provide further information about the transition, so it’s important that we have your correct contact information on file.
Yes, our Campbelltown branch is remaining open with the same operating hours it currently has. We value our membership base in the Western City region, and as a growing community, our Campbelltown branch will continue to serve you.
Once the transition is complete, and you’re officially an Illawarra Credit Union member you’ll have access to moneytree. We’ll let you know when you can download our moneytree app from the App Store or Google Play.

Update your contact information, so we can keep you informed:

Internet Banking

If you are registered for internet banking, log on, click on 'Personal’ and update your ‘Personal details’ and your profile via the ‘Access details’ tab.

Secure Message

Send us a secure message via internet banking, one of our Member Service Consultants will update your details.

Call Us

Call us on 1300 937 824, one of our Member Service Consultants will update your details.

Find out more about the consolidation here.

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